ΔΖ paddle power ♡

So proud of our class paddle and the paddle I made for my Big!!!!

06.May.14 5 months ago


Pure Happiness. (x)


It’s true, I really do. bahahahahahaha

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02.Mar.14 7 months ago


wow so the dolphin asked her to marry him and she kisses the other guy right in front of him rude ass bitch

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do she got a booty


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06.Feb.14 8 months ago


im in the mood to receive a check for six hundred thousand dollars 

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31.Jan.14 8 months ago
  • demon: i possessed you
  • me: get the fuck out
  • demon: damn...aight...rude ass bitch...i just need a place to stay my girl kicked me out and i aint got no money...
  • me: shit man, you can stay but don't be spinning my head like an owl and shit
31.Jan.14 8 months ago



She wants the (ph)D


Not with that technique: no gloves, safety glasses, fume hood; the volume in the erlenmeyer flask is not suitable for what the flask allows; and the fumes from the left vessel are dangerously close to her nasal orifice. The only D she is asking for is Disaster.

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31.Jan.14 8 months ago

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27.Jan.14 8 months ago


when will ariana grande’s quinceañera end

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27.Jan.14 8 months ago



When that beat drops

I love cats


25.Jan.14 8 months ago

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24.Jan.14 9 months ago


Today I got into an argument with my Aunt because she was upset that her daughter was dating a girl so I said

"Do you really think you should fall in love with someone’s genitals over their soul? Because that’s shallow and sad"

And my 75 year old grandmother who was sitting in her rocking chair, and who hasn’t said a word for the past hour screamed “OH BURN” and hit my aunt with a fly swatter

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23.Jan.14 9 months ago


Elie Saab Paris Fashion Week 2014 - PURPLE / LAVENDER

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23.Jan.14 9 months ago